Novell Data Synchronizer: Sugar CRM Connector


Novell Data Synchronizer: Sugar CRM Connector

Does your business keep all its info in one place?

Do you conduct your business in any one application?

The fact is, your vital info (such as contacts, calls, tasks, appointments, etc.) is needed all across the spectrum of programs and resources counted on by your business.

If there is info you need to keep in both your Groupwise Email and in Sugar CRM, you're the one who has to copy it, and you're the one who has to move it. So far, you have had to live with all the errors in information duplication that take place and time taken away from conducting your business.

Now, you can relax.

Novell Data Synchronizer makes this process automatic, moving all your info everywhere you need it. Novacoast is proud to have written this program with Novell, and can't wait for businesses to start discovering its potential.

Find out how Novacoast and Novell have made it possible for your Email and your CRM to share information in the video below.

For a live demo, contact a Novacoast representative here.