Threat Hunting

Modern security in two words: Prevention & Detection

In this split, balance is essential. We can’t take down the walls and focus on spotting intruders, and we can’t put all our money into border defenses. From firewalls to pen testing, most resources in the market are thrown at prevention.

But more than 80% of breaches are discovered by third parties. So whatever most businesses are doing in detection, it’s not enough.

We can help

A Threat Hunting assessment represents a deep dive into the activity in your network, putting experienced eyes and advanced tools on your most vulnerable and overlooked areas. We Will:

  • Monitor data feeds across your entire network
  • Collect information and activity logs
  • Investigate suspicious behaviors or indicators normally missed
  • Analyze activity and find patterns we’ve identified in our experience
  • Present all our findings in a detailed report, complete with action items

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