Novell Data Synchronizer - How Does it Work?


Novell Data Synchronizer - How Does it Work?

Your business is conducted in many programs, so your info (calls, contacts, appointments and the other bread and butter of day to day business) can't be stored in any one place.

Email, CRM, SharePoint, and countless other necessities are used everyday, and they have no way to connect with one another to allow information to be shared.

So, rather than rely on duplicating, or on arbitrarily choosing some single program to house all updated info for reference as needed, Novell Data Synchronizer finally makes possible instant collaboration between applications - and a sharing of all up to date needed info.

While connectors already exist for programs such as SharePoint, Sugar CRM and SalesForce, more connectors are being created all the time in the Novell Data Synchronizer Connector Marketplace, which is regularly updated by developers and users.

Find out how Novell Data Synchronizer works in the video below, and learn about how the scalability of Data Synch can rise to meet whatever challenges face your business in information use.

Novell Data Synchronizer - Genral from Sam Rolens on Vimeo.

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