Novell Data Synchronizer: SalesForce Connector


Novell Data Synchronizer: SalesForce Connector

Where do you keep your info?

Realistically, there is no easy answer. You know you use business info such as contacts, calls, tasks, appointments etc. across many applications, and there's no one place within your variety of resources in which it is convenient to keep all the info you are using.

The problem is, the programs on which you rely were not designed to communicate or collaborate with each other. The programs you use are disperate, separate and do not always play together the way you would like.

Finally, thanks to Novell Data Synchronizer, business can leave these issues behind. Novell Data Synchronizer provides synchronization on a scale never before reached in business software.

Groupwise Email and SalesForce, for example, now can work together for the first time without trouble. All they need is a way to cooperate. Find out how Novell Data Synchronizer can make all the pieces of your business work together.

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