Windows 7 Migration - Ordeal or Opportunity?


Windows 7 Migration - Ordeal or Opportunity?

It's often true that in the face of some of our most difficult trials, hardship gives way to opportunity - and that no looming responsibility is as bad as it seems the moment before commitment.

And with the right help, this is no less true of a Windows 7 Migration.

Starting from scratch to build up your OS sounds daunting; but the easier the process becomes, the more you can appreciate being afforded a fresh start in the makeup of your network and the control you are able to have over it at all times.

With a Novacoast assisted installation, the efficiency and easy of migration will leave you with more time to think about the opportunities it provides.

Not only should you be able to look forward to working with a new, more functional and flexible OS, but you should also be thinking about how you are able - now more than ever - to finally demand the total visibility and command over every workstation within your network.

Because Novacoast uses the features offered by Novell ZENworks in the Windows 7 migration process, installation will carry with it an opportunity for a ZENworks install that can expand the control you've had over your workstations and build total visibility into your network.

Check out the latest OnsITe video to learn how Novacoast can use this migration to improve overall management of your network and workstations.