Legacy systems & mobility: The Missing Link


Legacy systems & mobility: The Missing Link

Subscribe to the Blog What's the hardest part of going mobile with your legacy systems: App development or data collection? You're not alone if you don't have an answer. While we constantly work with businesses that want to go mobile, it's rare we find anyone with an answer for both.

It's tough to put together a comprehensive solution. We've found it really can't be done with one approach You have to come from both angles. Learn more:

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Video transcript:

For functional mobile and web apps, you’ve got to lead with design. You’ve got to build how things work based on how it needs to feel to work with them.

We build killer mobile apps and web apps because we guide every aspect of design with the user experience. The best apps start by storyboarding every feature, every action, and every interaction so that function marries form and the app serves a complete experience.

But most apps are sunk, by a disconnect between the front end and backend. The interaction between app and mainframe.

You’ve got to bring all the apps and information from the mainframe into the mobile environment. We call this “this missing link.” Because while m ost believe a data access solution is out there, but it’s rare and elusive. It’s the hardest part of mobility.

No, scratch that. It always used to be the hardest part of mobility.

Because recently, we found something wonderful – something that allows data collection to keep up with design. Verastream by Attachmate provides the plumbing – the secure connection to legacy infrastructure, a brilliant back-end for our agile front-end.

So real time data and secure, provisioned access is totally covered. So you can create apps with design in mind, with your users in mind and we’ll get you easily connected back to whatever your legacy system is. You want up to the minute numbers to your financial team? Live inventory data from your warehouses? Custom web or in-app access of any other internal data?

Anything you want is no problem. And for app development, the sky is now the limit.