The Dropbox Problem


The Dropbox Problem

Subscribe to the Blog We work with a lot of businesses looking to boost collaboration. More often than not, this boils down to a search for an internal file sharing solution. Employees want something like Google docs that's more secure, more controllable than Google docs.

If there's no sanctioned solution at their company, employees are turning to Dropbox - storing and sharing your internal files on what is basically only one step removed from a social networking site. But nothing terrifies a security team quite like Dropbox. Have a look at our breakdown of the Dropbox problem and the best solution currently out there.

Video transcript:

Dear Dropbox,

Thank you. Thanks for helping us share photos and pirate music. But most of all, thanks for giving our corporate files the adventure of a lifetime.

Because we know that when we use dropbox for corporate file sharing, we’re giving our data a chance to see the world. Dropbox’s well-publicized breaches and unreliable security breaks our data out of the monotony of the internal network and sets it free.

The best part is, even if we don’t officially employ Dropbox, even if we tell our employees not to use it, we know they will. It’s just too convenient. So thank you, Dropbox. We’re confident business files are out there, meeting new, exciting people and ending up who knows where.

It’s so much more interesting than Filr. Novell Filr is just dropbox inside the firewall. It takes all the excitement out of enterprise file sharing. Filr is a synched box that makes it easy to put corporate info to work, it has a secure mobile app that makes files accessible anywhere safely; it enables comprehensive monitoring and provisioning on all access.

No, it’s definitely advantag e Dropbox. Because business likes suspense. And a little danger.