Is print dead?


Is print dead?

Don't answer too quickly. If you kept track, you'd see you print a lot more than you think. Businesses do much more business on paper than you think. But printers are still a major headache, and business doesn't have a good solution for enterprise printing.

Well we've found an answer - comprehensive, mobile printing that connects any device to any printer. Learn more:

Video transcript:

If print died out, it’s because of printers.

Going paperless might have been our way of saying enough to the printers we see everywhere that just never work when we need them.

Wrong chord. Incompatible software. Your devices say they can “find a printer” but can never find one that they can talk to.

Even so, we still haven’t managed to go paperless. I mean, businesses, schools, hospitals and all of us are doing business and more on tablets and laptops and passing info through clouds and wires, there’s a lot we still put on paper.

From forms to contracts to notes and all kinds of needed info, we’re still printing every day. And still fighting with printers. And printers. And printers.

Why can’t it all just work? Well, Good news. Now it can all just work.

iPrint lets users print. The iPrint app lets everyone send jobs to any printer in your office (even that old legacy dinosaur) from tablets, from phones, from laptops; Windows, Mac, Mobile and more.

It’s one solution that works on any combination of hardware. Wireless, secure, sefl-service enterprise printing. No more helpdesk help needed to get the printer to play nice. Safe and sound within your network infrastructure.

Print is back from the dead. Because making it easy just got easy.