Can we make Linux Management manageable?


Can we make Linux Management manageable?

There's not a lot Linux can't do. That's why we love it. The only problem with being so freeingly flexible is management. How do you manage an environment so full of wildly different, tweaked, improved and improvised Linux solutions?

It's next to impossible on your own. And while the solutions market has been pretty lackluster for a long time, we're happy to report we've found a resounding answer.

Video transcript

How complex is your Linux environment? That’s not rhetorical. Can you think of a way to explain it? We ask this a lot, and tend to hear words like “jungle”, “tangle”, even “labyrinth”.

Because Linux is – well – open. And mostly, that’s a wonderful thing. It’s flexible, customizable, capable and it encourages invention and ingenuity from your IT staff. But as stable and Mature as Linux is, the management tools around it haven’t always kept up.

The open source or commercial offerings out there leave customers hanging when you need to patch, configure, audit etc. – and force you to develop in-house, MacGuyver’d solutions that constitute something of a maintenance nightmare –

a strategy officially known as “thrown together” where there’s never just no one way to manage everything. And the roadmap of your Linux environment only exists in the mind of the IT whizz who rigged it together. He or she goes anywhere, and you’re in the jungle.

You don’t just need consistency, you need something staff agnostic.

We’ve found that SUSE Manager reduces the complexity of Linux systems management, making patching, configurations, deployment and much more – simpler. The compromise in Linux between innovation and consistency.

It simplifies compliance as well as managing mixed linux environments (SUSE/Redhat/CentOS). SUSE Manager enables role-based access control, grants granular control over patch application and full monitoring for proactive tracking of system health.

And Novacoast has the most extensive technical SUSE bench around, and as a close partner, we’re deeply integrated on the technical side of the product. We can make it work exactly how you need.

“Thrown together” isn’t a management policy. And every day you stick with it is the greater risk of seeing it all come crashing down. So don’t risk it. We can help get you control with SUSE Manager.