Learn how to solve fraud with "The Closed Loop"


Learn how to solve fraud with "The Closed Loop"

Policy Management poses a real problem for a lot of businesses. To catch fraud in progress, you have to be able to see into every corner of an internal network. Everyone in your network has to exist within what we call "The Closed Loop" of policy management.

And it’s not just about visibility, it’s about analysis. And it’s about being able to respond in real-time. It’s a serious job. And in most networks, there's a missing piece in their management coverage. Well we've found an answer - comprehensive, mobile printing that connects any device to any printer. Learn more:

Video transcript

Novacoast is hired constantly to run security assessments in large enterprise networks, and we’ve found that total security relies on what we call the closed loop.

It starts with identity. To enforce policy and prevent fraud, you have to be able to create user identities and provision access to the applications they’re supposed to be using. You also need to be able to easily audit access, govern at all times and enforce compliance.

But the networks we see have a big missing piece in the loop around monitoring.

Most solutions rely on log monitoring – which won’t show you all policy violations and suspicious behavior. Logs will tell you when a user is trying to access info or applications they shouldn’t. But there’s a lot more it can’t show you. Like searches performed, data seen. In our assessments, we’ve found users or intruders can access a lot of info in your network without being recorded in logs.

For a closed loop, you need a wider picture of the who, what, when, where and how of user activity.

And for that, the tool we like is Intellinx. Intellinx closes the loop with the widest approach to policy management we’ve seen. It monitors all data moving within a network. Not just user ID, or IP address or location. Intellinx even offers screen replays of all activity, and detailed analysis that looks for collusion, and dynamically tracks statistics of all user activity.

It also brings home compliance. Intellinx includes reports mapped specifically to common compliance frameworks like HIPPA, and we can work with you to build any custom reports needed.

And with real-time monitoring, you can set up responses to malicious activity. Know what the user is doing WHEN they do it. Use Intellinx to revoke access, kick them out of the application, notify your security staff, or more.

In our work, we see hacking leap forward every year. And it’s true that when it comes to security, policy is stronger than software. Still, in the race to stay secure, Intellinx is an incredibly powerful tool to add to your security posture.

We can take you beyond log monitoring. With Intellinx. Sign up below for a free demo with Novacoast and Attachmate to learn how to solve fraud today.