Secure File Management


Secure File Management

hbspt.cta.load(277038, '5b1d7b5e-4cb5-4e04-80b6-4aa0b6d9908b');Secure file management is a big problem for most of the companies we work with. Storage, audit and sorting of your files is painful. Big files are hard to move reliably, and they're hard to plug into workflows once they make it across the vacuum between servers or businesses. Smaller files are hard to share securely, but the need to collaborate easily makes too many users run to things like DropBox, where security is nonexistant.

But the big problem is this: no one sees these things as one problem. Well we do, and we can show you how to look at this the right way.

Video transcript:

Think of the files you need every day in business like the stuff in your house. The lots of stuff. Some stuff you use regularly, some stuff you have to keep in case you need it, and some you don’t need at all, but it’s impossible to sort from the rest. And all your stuff is stored everywhere.

You get new stuff all the time, and you don’t really have enough time to decide whether you need it and where it should go and what to get rid of to make room for it before you put it aside. “I’ll deal with that later.” But you also need to use your stuff all the time. And when you do, you have to look for it, room by room, under things and behind things.

So back to business – where we work in a piles of files and “I’ll deal with that later” doesn’t really work. You’re always fighting with the same unanswered questions: What do you have? Where is it? Who can access it? How safe is it? and how do you put it to work? What you don’t have is something we like to call Filepower.

Because right now, face it: your files are unmanageable, unaccessible, unconvenient and unsecure.

So how do you solve it? Mixed homegrown and purchased solutions? That somehow both overlap and lack tools you need? That can’t sync, scale or play nice together?

It seems like you need to solve a million things to handle your files use, storage and access. Well don’t worry. Filepower—real control and full use of your file environment—rests on taming just three things: file chaos, user chaos and use chaos. Don’t let anyone make it sound more complicated than that.

Taming File Chaos means easily auditing all files, checking for duplicates, sorting by access, by ownership, by date, basically getting visibility into that big tangled meta filing cabinet cluttered with years of useful and useless files.

Taming User Chaos means not only knowing exactly who has access to what, but being able to easily grant, revoke, or modify access to anything at any time. Too often you’ll think a file is locked down, only to find that someone can access it in some circumstance you overlooked.

Finally, taming Use Chaos means putting files to work with security. This means moving the massive files and enabling sharing and collaboration for the little ones. You should be able to set up large file transfers automatically and send them through a secure channel.

On the smaller scale, if you don’t have a secure file sharing solution available to your users, they are likely to rely on outside, insecure solutions like dropbox or google drive that put your files at risk. A lot of shops just block this applications outright, but users will find a way to share files – through your email, or some public email, or some service you haven’t heard of.

No one solution covers File Chaos, User Chaos and Use Chaos. But the market is full of excellent solutions, and some can be used in concert together, if you know how, to cover everything. It’s not easy, but it’s not nearly as impossible as it sounds.

Get your house in order. Get some Filepower.

We can show you how.