Our Mobile Approach


Our Mobile Approach

Mobility is here to stay. But for most businesses, the scary-ness of going mobile usually ranks somewhere between "root canal" and "end-of-the-world."

Really, though, it's not scary. You just need a thorough, careful and informed approach. We know there's a lot of confusion out there, so we've laid it all out. (Someone had to.) Have a look, and request a free demo today.

Video transcript:

It’s no longer a novelty. It’s vital for competitive, contemporary business communication.

But it’s complicated. And it’s scary. And it kind of feels like turning your workstations loose—out of your secure, internal network and into a hostile world of hackers, threats and bad news.

We get that. Novacoast has been on the forefront of mobility since its earliest enterprise adoption. And we can tell you it’s absolutely possible to make good on mobile potential, keep your data safe, and enable BYOD. But you’ve got to do your homework. Or at least cheat off ours.

So let’s talk about what it takes to go mobile. You will need a solution for data access, a solution for device management (you knew that one) a solution for grabbing the internal data you need to display how are you going to collect data, how do you set parameters for what data to collect, and where does it come from?

We call this one the missing link because there aren’t a lot of solutions on the market. Most organizations have to build it from scratch or hire someone to build it from scratch. But don’t worry, we’ll get to this. You’ll like it.

And you need an app; an actual app; an interface for your users see the data and interact with it in any way you need. For these first two, there are a number of solutions on the market—good ones—and we can help you pick the best choice for you. But by and large the second two pose the biggest problem for business.

Here’s the thing: Novacoast doesn’t like missing links. We know you don’t like building solutions from scratch and we know we do. So, we do. We’ve developed a mobile architecture that delivers both visibility and control of mobile data. Data collection and security in the same step.

Here’s how we do it: Our solutions structures the normally tangled data passing between internal API and databases and devices in your network. Data that normally moves across many channels through your poor firewall moves in our solution through a secure proxy server—making it so that all data moves only through a secure, encrypted channel.

And this does a few things: it makes it easy to collect and display data; it makes it easy for your people to make custom queries and it lets you enable or disable data access down tot he individual API call level. And it transforms all data into a format easily consumed by mobile applications.

It also solves mobile device management by changing the conversation to mobile data access management. And you’re BYOD-ready now that your devices are simple, access-only endpoints. And your data can go anywhere safely.

And as for your actual app, it’s already ready. Our flexible app templates can fit any form or function. You wan tot show up-to-the minute numbers to your financial team? Live inventory data from your warehouses? Any other internal data? It’s no problem.

Going mobile is easier than you think. but you’ve got to know the market, and be ready to fill in the gaps. We can show you.