Novacoasters Claim 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Symantec New York Cyber Readiness


Novacoasters Claim 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Symantec New York Cyber Readiness

We love to win, and you should too.

March 20, 2013 - 80 hopeful engineers and security specialists gathered together in New York City to meet Symantec's latest Cyber Readiness Challenge. Symantec has hosted these events in Chicago, Toronto and Mountain View, California. Groups get together to talk security, compare approaches, and generally analyze and expand their ability to defend against today's security threats.

The Challenge itself is a "capture-the-flag" game, wherein security engineers taking turns attacking and defending simulated data centers. It's a great, collaborative way to develop skills and greater knowledge. We love sharing our experience and helping organizations learn to better secure themselves. But what really got us into security is something simpler: we love winning.

Have a look at the standings at the end of the evening and see what we mean:

  1. 1. David Parker, Novacoast Security Assessment Practice Manager
  2. 2. Adam Gray, Novacoast CTO
  3. 3. Jeremy Loeppke, Novacoast Security Engineer

Sure, we like bragging. But we really do think this kind of competition is immeasurably valuable. Security is a constant interaction between offense and defense. Outside agents are always inventing new ways to get in, and a security solution has to be run with the same kind of competitive drive. You have to learn to like winning, to want to win. Competitions like Symantec's Cyber Readiness Challenge don't just teach technique, they develop the necessary mindset for security.

Read more about the New York event here, and be sure to follow Symantec's ongoing Readiness Challenge events here.

Game on!