OES2 Migration - Not as Bad as you Think


OES2 Migration - Not as Bad as you Think

Suddenly, NetWare dried up and began fading away in the ever-changing IT market, leaving many admins all over the business world contemplating what was sure to be an expensive and time consuming migration process to some new network OS-solution.

Now, while OES2 stands next in line as heir to NetWare's vacant throne of the Network OS market, the intimidating migration process still looms on the horizon for many businesses who have been relying on NetWare; and no matter what option looks best for business in replacing NetWare, everyone is going to have to make a switch of some kind in the near future.

But is this such a bad thing?

Those starting to feel panic in the face of this inevitable switchover can start to calm down. Your staff does not have to try and implement a migration with which they have no experience, nor do they have to try and grope in the dark to understand an OS with which they are totally unfamiliar. Novacoast has engineers with experience in these migrations, and can ensure full staff familiarity with the new OS by the time it is installed.

Novacoast has been working with Novell to install Netware for years, and has now had a wealth of experience interacting with the two programs and - more importantly - enabling their interaction with each other for smooth migrations.

Check out the latest OnsITe video to learn more about how Novacoast can make this process something very manageable.

OES2 - 2 from Sam Rolens on Vimeo.