Lots of new stuff in storage


Lots of new stuff in storage

Hey there, storage community. I'm back from vacation and ready to go with lots of news and updates.

But first things first, and I have to clear something up before I get into the content.

As some of you may already know, Novacoast is very proud to partner with Compellent for SAN technologies. I believe that Compellent offers the best balance of performance/cost of anyone in the storage industry. More importantly, I believe in the engineering philosophies that are the foundation for their products. I have found Compellent’s products and services to be firmly rooted in the fundamental precepts of:

  • Building for persistence, not obsolescence
  • Building on industry standards, not proprietary hardware
  • Building powerful products that are simple to use
  • Pleasing every customer all the time, not just when they are buying things

These are the values that compelled Novacoast to purchase it's own SAN from Compellent for our internal use. I think these are why customers are willing to purchase this product as well. So when I write about Compellent, remember that I'm wearing 2 hats: a product partner and a satisfied end user.

There. Having said all that, here are some exciting announcements from Compellent I wanted to share:

Active Archive Alliance Promotes Simplified, Online Access to All Archived Data

Compellent is justifiably pleased be one of the leading technology partners involved in the formation of the Active Archive Alliance, the goal of which is to bring data archives online to promote simplified access to vast volumes of data.

The Active Archive Alliance is a vendor-neutral organization that will offer best practices, compatibility and education for new Active Archive Solutions. Founding technology partners include Compellent Technologies, FileTek, Inc., QStar Technologies and Spectra Logic Corporation.

Compellent Expands StorageLink Certification with Citrix to Optimize Internal Cloud Environments

Compellent is expanding its Citrix Ready® certification to include XenServer® 5.6, featuring the latest version of Citrix StorageLink™. The certification enables deep integration of Citrix and Microsoft® server virtualization environments with Compellent® virtualized storage and disaster recovery systems. Compellent’s Fluid Data architecture allows end users to leverage automated cloud technologies and centralized, multi-server management of Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 Hyper-V™ environments. Good news.

New White Paper: Increasing IT Efficiency in a Dynamic Data Center with a Virtualized Storage Solution

Virtualizing the IT infrastructure has become a cornerstone of today’s data center. Combining storage and server virtualization provides enterprises of all sizes with end-to-end efficiency and flexibility. Administrators can cut costs and save time while increasing availability, boosting performance and readily adapting to change. A new solution white paper explains the use of integrated virtualization technologies from Microsoft and Compellent, and provides a blueprint for configuring a highly efficient and dynamic data center.

Read Increasing IT Efficiency in a Dynamic Data Center with a Virtualized Storage Solution.

New Certifications

Compellent has recently completed certifications for Storage Center 5 with both the Symantec Storage Foundation HA 5.1 and Storage Foundation for RAC. Customers operating in both AIX SAN Volume Controller and Veritas Clustered data center environments can be confident that these platforms interoperate and are supported with Storage Center 5. We have also added the Advanced Reporting feature listed under the Solaris certification.

Having recently used Storage Foundation with Compellent for data migration, I can personally say I'm very happy to see the certification come through. It's a great answer to a sticky problem of moving live data in real time. Storage Foundation is the only software I've found that can do that.

More to come as time permits. Thanks for stopping by,