Novacoast brought big news to Symantec Vision 2012


Novacoast brought big news to Symantec Vision 2012

We'll admit it.

We were really looking forward to Symantec Vision 2012 - and not just because the conference was in Vegas this year. What's more, this year our excitement didn't simply come from the fact that we are among the most trusted and relied upon services partners for Symantec. Don't get us wrong, we love connecting with like minded, security-focused businesses and solutions providers, but this year's Vision had us impatient to get to the desert for brand new reasons (about which we were eager to start bragging).

Novacoast went Vision 2012 armed not only with the bragging rights that come with out recent Symantec Partner Award for project management excellence (no, we don't mind bringing it up), but with a couple of exciting announcements for new security services.

We still have a lot to be excited about.

Symantec Partner Award: Incident Response

First thing's first. We are immensely proud to have been recognized by Symantec for project management excellence in responding to Quakbot outbreak suffered by an Enterprise Business Customer.

Novacoast salvaged the reputation of the installed Symantec solutions and also saved jobs for those internal employees who were responsible for Information Security.

— Symantec Branch Manager Hal Lindstrom.

Mobile Data Access Management

Looming over the attractive potential of enterprise mobility for increasing productivity is the uncertainty of how to securely manage mobile devices. After all, adopting the use of mobile devices in your network can't help but feel a bit like throwing all your carefully created security strategy out the window and putting the safety of your data in the hands of the user.

Learn more about our solution >

Symantec Managed Services

The Novacoast Remote Managed Services team leverages industry-leading tools, a close partnership with Symantec, and engineering experience to ensure a scalable, reliable and secure ongoing service. The deep experience with Symantec products and with overall enterprise security solutions commanded by Novacoast Security Engineers empowers the RMS environment, which delivers comprehensive security management and control.

All solutions are based in the Verizon cloud.

A Continued Expansion of our Assessment Practice

In response to internal and external network security threats, inadequate policies and overlooked vulnerabilities that face every network, the Novacoast Security Team offers comprehensive assessments employing the skills and tactics used by malicious agents to penetrate enterprise networks. A proactive plan is needed to reduce the risk of compromise that organizations face today. Understanding where weaknesses are and defending them in a controlled manner is critical. Specialties are: Internal Assessments, External Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Policy Review, Compliance Policy Review, IT Forensics, Incident Response, and now Comprehensive Wireless Assessments. Read more about our Security Assessments >

Unsurpassed Collaboration with the new Symantec TRMG Group

The deep Symantec experience commanded by the Novacoast Team allows us to sync efforts and experience seamlessly with the newly formed TRMG group. Novacoast is a leader in the core products of this newly formed group. As a QSA Novacoast is a go to strategic partner for the Critical System protection product, as well as the Control Compliance Suite.

Novacoast has been a leader in the SIEM space for many years, and this strength continues with the SSIM/MSS offerings. We are actively brought into deals at a very large scale.

We had a great time connecting with so many professionals and business at Symantec Vision 2012, and we look forward to carrying the momentum from the conference moving ahead!