It's Time to Change the Mobile Conversation


It's Time to Change the Mobile Conversation


Mobile Security is not about the Device.

Novacoast Mobile Data Access Management - Looming over the attractive potential of enterprise mobility for increasing productivity is the uncertainty of how to securely manage mobile devices. After all, adopting the use of mobile devices in your network can't help but feel a bit like throwing all your carefully created security strategy out the window and putting the safety of your data in the hands of the user. Learn more about our solution >

And this is exactly the kind of thing Novacoast Labs' developers spend their time thinking about.

To deliver on the growing necessity of enterprise mobility, Novacoast has developed a ready-to-implement mobile data infrastructure that enables secure and transparent data management, allowing any organization to go mobile. Novacoast Labs' Mobile Architecture effectively changes the conversation from worry over device management to control over mobile data, effectively negating the risk of the device as a point of possible data breach. The Device becomes nothing more than a way to view secure data.


Through management of data access and encryption, mobility can be employed without worry over data breaches or user carelessness. Novacoast Labs mobile architecture moves all mobile data through a proxy server that enables total visibility and data protection for network administrators.

"In our work designing and writing apps for enterprise businesses, we've seen organizations tie themselves in knots trying to keep track of security within their mobile environment," says Novacoast VP of Development Eron Howard.

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We set out to create a great jumping off point to get any organization ready to build a mobile side of their business.

"And this is largely because security efforts are too often concerned only with devices rather than the data those devices have access to."

"By treating the mobile landscape like any other network of access points, we were able to design an architecture that keeps the data stored and processed safely on within the internal server network. In our solution, users can access encrypted data on their devices by entering credentials, but because both data flow and user access is controlled on the other side of the equation, there is no longer any worry surrounding the compromise of the device itself."

Essentially, Novacoast Labs designed this architecture to deliver two things: peace of mind for the organization that already has an up and running mobile infrastructure, and an easy foothold into mobility for the organization that's not sure how to get started.

Either way, control over secure mobility must be moved back from the jungle of device management policy, into a single stream of managed data and control of access.

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