Novacoast Announces Acquisition of The XCEND Group


Novacoast Announces Acquisition of The XCEND Group

Novacoast is proud to announce the acquisition of The XCEND Group - a privately held company that has served the Midwest market since 2004. This is a marriage of two Platinum Symantec Partners, and Novacoast looks forward to the further expansion of Symantec expertise this move represents.

The XCEND Group has built a sterling reputation for the quality of its engineering talent, particularly in infrastructure and information security. “At the end of the day, we’re problem solvers,” says XCEND CEO and founder Ron Schoenherr. “And we’re going to be able to solve more problems together than we ever could before.”

Schoenherr has called this a wonderful opportunity for each company to benefit from the expertise of the other. “Together we’re able to offer an even stronger security perspective,” says Schoenherr, adding that since both companies were Symantec top 10 security partners before the merger, that’s really saying something.

"It’s exciting to see two of our most experienced and dependable services partners come together," says Brett Shirk, Senior Vice President of Symantec North America. "This acquisition positions Novacoast to be uniquely comprehensive in its offerings, both to us as a partner and to our shared customer base."

Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson emphasizes how well the two company’s perspectives align. “We believe our customers count on us for the quality of our engineers,” says Anderson, “and that’s what we see with XCEND. These are talented and creative experts that expand what we’re able to offer.”