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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics.

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Earlier this year, Novacoast acquired a training company in order to better service their clients and employees in the area of training and enablement. When this occurred, Novacoast approached LogRhythm with the desire to deliver LogRhythm training to both their customer base and internal teams. This unique value-add opportunity would enable Novacoast to differentiate itself from other partners and would further strengthen their expertise around LogRhythm. LogRhythm saw the tremendous value that this presented and thought this would provide an opportunity to test the waters of partner-led training so LogRhythm agreed to enter into a training partner agreement with Novacoast.

Novacoast, in turn, dedicated one of it’s most experienced engineers with the LogRhythm products. He went through a rigorous Instructor Performance Evaluation (IPE) with LogRhythm Training Management and passed with flying colors. This engineer ultimately received the stamp of approval from LogRhythm to deliver 305, 306 and 310 level training to Novacoast employees as well as Novacoast customers. LogRhythm has expressed its excitement involving this opportunity to enable a partner to share their LogRhythm expertise with their customers. Moving forward, Novacoast will increase its instructor base for LogRhythm training in order to provide the growing need in this market.

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