The COVID Breaches Are Coming


The COVID Breaches Are Coming

It takes 200 days on average to spot a breach.

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This March, we were all faced with rapid and unexpected change. Most of you were tasked with somehow getting your workforce to be able to work—and be productive—from home. It wasn’t easy for anyone.

But for those with mature security programs, this transition—while challenging—was do-able. For everyone else, it has been an uphill battle where exceptions around security have been made in order to keep the lights on. Our visibility darkened, our controls were spread thin, and since then, a lot of security programs have been running on hope and luck.

But we’re fast approaching the point at which the first, inevitable COVID breaches are about to start getting the spotlight on them.

The good news is that the methods and skills that help us spot these breaches early, before they become catastrophes, haven’t changed with the new circumstance. Responsive cybersecurity still relies on the familiar list of countermeasures, just with some reactive changes. We need:

Pro-active Pen-testing

  • Everyone does pen-testing for their organization, but with higher risk you need deeper testing in order to find out how the bad guys can get in. You need to know where to look in the new, remote COVID workplace.


  • You need to be up to date and have effective ways to push out patches to the expanded surface, with thoroughness and reporting.

EDR technologies

  • You still need to be able to detect and respond to threats at your endpoint, but your endpoints are flung farther and less under your control.

Incident Response Retainer

  • You should have a retainer ready in case you are unable to get your systems running after a breach.

Threat Hunting

  • Ultimately the only thing you can really do is assume you have been breached. You will need a full staff dedicated to constantly looking for threats using EDR tools and other techniques.

This is the minimum list of practices and support resources needed to know whether you’re at risk of your COVID changes catching up with you. And for anyone without all these technologies and strategies in play today, Novacoast is going to be offering a complimentary breach assessment. We will use big data analytics and the human element of our deep expertise to see what is missing in your EDR. We can show you how to reduce your threats and vulnerability discovery from days to minutes.

Right now, we’re happy to help.

Jon Poon
Director, Security Services

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