Simplify Web Access with Single Sign-On


Simplify Web Access with Single Sign-On

Today, with the use of web-based applications on the rise and the range of services in this vein expanding, the sign-on process can become a greater and greater time waster in business.

There are many solutions hoping to address these issues, but what is the simplest way to make the sign-on process effortless? Novacoast has found a solution that is implemented easily and expands the ease of using web applications.

Single Sign-On simplifies the time consuming practice of signing on to countless web applications, exploiting connections between partner programs to do away with the need to time and again re-enter sign-on credentials.

Have a look at the latest installment of OnsITe and explore what the simplicity of Single Sign-On can bring to your business by leaving you with more time to spend working, and less accessing the tools you need.

Single Sign-On from Sam Rolens on Vimeo.