BrainShare Wrap-up


BrainShare Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who made Novell BrainShare this year a rousing success! Novacoast would also like to thank in particular everyone who participated in Novacoast sessions, giveaways and talks at Novell BrainShare, as well as all those whom we met at the Novacoast booth.

In order to help everyone take as much benefit as possible away from the IT conference, Novacoast will be posting media from the talks we gave at the conference over the next few days. If you attended or are interested in a particular session, feel free to contact us and we'll be sure to post it for you.

It was great to see everyone in Salt Lake City! We're all looking forward to BrainShare 2013.

Thanks, and feel free to download these presentations.

Downloadable Session Presentations:

Customizing Access Manager: SAML Authentication, Login/Logout Customization and More


Ed Barragan

Download presentation: Customizing Access Manager

Moving Novell GroupWise to Linux


John Walls, Tyler Johnson

Download presentation: Moving Novell GroupWise to Linux

Migrating from NetWare to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2


Tyler Johnson, John Walls

Download presentation: Migrating from NetWare to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2

Identity Manager Basics: Deploying the Active Directory and eDirectory Drivers


Matt Ziegler, Forrest Evans

Download presentation: Identity Manager Basics

How Verizon is Delivering Cloud Services Using Access Manager


John Vindiola

Download presentation: Cloud Based Identity Management Secure Access Services

Data Synchronizer Vision and Roadmap


David Parker

Download presentation: Data Synchronizer Update and Roadmap

Hosted Enterprise Mail (HostedEM) Powered by Novell GroupWise


Ryan Trauntvein, Nicole Keefe

Download presentation: Hosted Enterprise Mail powered by Novell GroupWise

Advanced Session: Novell ZENworks Configuration Management


Larry Stein

Download presentation: Novell ZENworks Configuration Management

Linux Clusters in the Enterprise: SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Ext.


Dan Elder

Download presentation: SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension