SAP Development - Automatic Reports


SAP Development - Automatic Reports

Sick of reports?

Or rather, sick of making reports?

Or rather, are you sick of constantly building new reports as your financial information changes?

We were.

Novacoast's interest in SAP development in part was born in necessity - in the face of working with SAP to make information available to all users who needed to see it.

Reports are static snapshots, a moment in the course of life for dynamic and changing data. How useful is it to have a picture of your financial information, knowing that it is slightly out of date the very moment you take it?

Tired of digging through SAP manually every time a report was needed, Novacoast perfected a solution that keeps reports up to date - or rather to put reports to work for the business.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn about easy reporting with SAP, and to find out how much time can be saved with the help of SAP development.

SAP Development - Automatic Reports from Sam Rolens on Vimeo.