Novacoast Announces Acquisition of Rallypoint Solutions


Novacoast Announces Acquisition of Rallypoint Solutions

Novacoast, an IT professional services, development and managed services company, announced today the acquisition of leading Privileged Access Management resource Rallypoint Solutions of Wilmington Delaware. This move adds strategic depth to Novacoast’s Identity team while maturing its managed services offerings.

Rallypoint CEO Kris Zupan said he sought this move to work with Novacoast’s global network of resources to deliver his group’s expertise anywhere it’s needed. “We are excited,” said Zupan. “We feel Novacoast is the right fit for Rallypoint and will allow us to better address the expanding demands around privilege account management—extending our reach to new customers while providing more options to existing customers.” Zupan added his particular eagerness to make Rallypoint’s managed PAM services available on a wider scale. “We’ve been providing our managed service to Fortune 500 customers since 2013, and it will be a great addition to Novacoast's Managed offerings.” The move has already been met with enthusiasm from existing customers.

“We have been working with Rallypoint since 2013 and have been extremely pleased with the support they have provided us through their managed service,” said DuPont Global Data Protection Lead Dana Ormerod. He expressed excitement that this acquisition will continue to grow the service they rely on. “We look forward to seeing how Novacoast can leverage their subject matter expertise to expand the scope of this service.”

Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson said that when Novacoast started researching ways to build its PAM practice, Rallypoint was the only name on his list. “Rallypoint’s expertise and reputation in the Privileged Access Management (PAM) community is second to none,” said Anderson. “Kris Zupan is a pioneer in Co-Managed PAM and his offerings will enable Novacoast to leap forward years ahead of where we are today.”

Like Zupan, Anderson particularly pointed to managed services as a driving priority in this move. “Our customers have been asking us with greater and greater urgency to create more managed services in the Identity Management space,” said Anderson. “This is a perfect offering for them.”

"It’s very exciting for all of us at One Identity to see two of our leading partners join forces,” said One Identity Director of Channel and Alliances Roger Moffat. “Our customers will benefit from this through the combination of two complementary partners with IGA and PAM capability; it broadens their knowledge base and capability to address our mutual customers’ overall identity needs.”

Rallypoint’s Co-Managed PAM services are being quickly integrated and made available at all of Novacoast’s SOCs (Security Operations Centers) in California, Michigan, Guatemala and the United Kingdom.