Novacoast adds new leadership position, expands focus in European markets


Novacoast adds new leadership position, expands focus in European markets

Novacoast, an IT Cybersecurity Services and Product Development company, is excited to announce a new position—Vice President of Europe—to be filled by decorated industry veteran and longtime Novacoast executive Katie McAuliff. After the Novacoast European customer base doubled in 2018, the demand for dedicated resources has led to the California consulting group to formalize its focus to the continent.

Novacoast CEO Paul Anderson points to an increase in the volume and complexity of Novacoast’s global work for prompting a more strategic approach to operations in Europe. “We’ve past the point where we can just make resources available on an as-needed basis,” says Anderson. “The kind of demand we’re seeing on our services in Europe requires a more focused commitment to our availability and infrastructure there.”

Anderson calls McAuliff uniquely qualified to take command of European relationships and lay plans for strategic growth. “In the ten years since joining Novacoast, Katie has rigorously applied her experience to help direct and advise in the company’s longterm planning,” says Novacoast’s CEO. “McAuliff’s leadership is informed by her three decades in IT, including years on the executive team of Novell in their heyday.”

McAuliff attributes Novacoast’s success since taking the risk of trans-Atlantic expansion to versatility of resource skillsets and uniquely comprehensive SOC services. “There’s no secret formula here,” says McAuliff. “We were able to gain early traction offering a blend of managed services, engineering and maturity support that’s not necessarily typical in any market.”

The Novacoast Security Operations Center in Manchester, UK, is central to McAuliff’s plans for continued expansion. “The Co-Managed Security model the Novacoast SOC provides is definitely part of what has made us stand out in Europe,” says McAuliff. “In a market full of traditional MSS providers offering SaaS rentals, Novacoast’s more transparent and maturity-focused co-managed program has taken root in the marketplace—just like it did when we launched it in the US.”