Incredible New Integration for Compellent and VMware


Incredible New Integration for Compellent and VMware

Last week, Compellent announced what is sure to be the first of many new features to be released in the coming weeks. I've heard all sorts of rumors about what could be coming out, but this is cold hard fact.

Drumroll, please.

Before the end of the year, Compellent will release a plugin adapter for VMware VCenter to control provisioning of Compellent Storage Center without switching applications. One pane of glass will manage virtaulizaed storage from Compellent and virtualized services from VMware. This functionality is similar to Citrix Storagelink, part of the Citrix Essentials package for XENserver.

To my knowledge this is the first and only storage product to be so closely integrated with VMware.

How cool is this?

Drop me a line and let me know what you think, or to find out what this could mean to you and your business.

Click here for the Compellent Announcement