Security for legacy, for tomorrow, for all devices.

Bridging infrastructure security with the demands of contemporary business—from IOT to emerging necessary apps—is no easy feat. Our advisory and implementation resources work together to protect all sets of your environment, with an eye for regulatory compliance.

Responsive, compliant, comprehensive security.

Get your threat hunting assessment

More than 80% of breaches are discovered by third parties. That means if you’ve been compromised, you probably don’t know it.

But sorting through and analyzing all the activity in your network is more or less like looking for the needle in the mountain of needles. We will find, expose and isolate these attacks in progress.

Custom Development

The Novacoast Development Team’s DNA is Enterprise IT. They grew up writing code for the biggest, baddest, ugliest ERP and legacy systems.

We build new or expanded functionality in useable, appealing apps for business. We have a specialty in designing custom integrations and interfaces for, well, basically anything.

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IOT Vulnerability Assessments

New connectivity means a broader attack surface for hackers to steal personally identifiable information and intellectual property.

Our assessments cover embedded software, data, mobile application and cloud security. We will show you your vulnerabilities and how to tie your IOT posture into the big picture.

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Visible & Secure Identity Management through Contextual Access

Expanded Access Security

Build an Access policy that takes into account every variable—user, location, device, network & more.

We can show you not only to set up contingencies in access, but to build a system that will track and record all access for a solution that is compliant & secure.