DockerCon 2015 Roundup


DockerCon 2015 Roundup

The world has changed.

You might have missed it if you weren't one of the 2000 or so attendees of this year's DockerCon (it sold out) or the 500 or so attendees last year (when it also sold out). Or you might have missed it if you weren't one of the 500,000,000 container downloads this past year—an 18,000% increase in just 12 months. If you're lucky enough to know Docker, the 1,700% growth in job listings for Docker talent is good news and you'd have your pick of 43,000 openings.

There's always technological evolution, but Docker is nothing short of a revolution.

It's fascinating when you think about it. Containers aren't new. Just like virtualization existed long before VMware, the technologies Docker is based on have been around for a long time. The folks at Docker will be the first to point this out, they're standing on the shoulders of giants and openly praise the contributions that made Docker possible.

But it's Docker who has turned containerization into a movement. DockerCon 2015 was about what Docker has always been about: getting everyone on the same page and building a community; taking disparate interests with diverging goals and getting them to agree on a standard; and bringing competitors together to focus on common goals built around a shared vision—agreeing on the simple things (like what a container is and what it should do) in order to build more complex and complete solutions.

Here's what we are most excited about coming down from DockerCon:

It's great to see a focused conference like this with solutions aimed at real world problems customers are experiencing like how to ensure the image they're pulling hasn't been tampered with. Or how to store stateful data in a massively scalable and affordable way. Or how to make their on-site Docker registry easily and securely accessible to their users.

But doing it still isn't easy. Despite all the improvements, Docker is still only one piece of the puzzle. And just figuring out what pieces you need to complete your puzzle can be a challenge. Novacoast can help make sure that your move to the new containerized world of IT is smooth and successful. Because your time is valuable and your resources are precious, don't waste it when you have a trusted partner who can help.

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