2010: A Move into New Media


2010: A Move into New Media

In 2010, Novacoast set out to create a visible, cooperative and interactive network of professional resources and conversation space in social media.

2010 saw Novacoast begin interacting with customers, partners and industry colleagues on Twitter, where Novacoast shares industry news, answers questions and stimulates conversation and interaction within the IT community. As an outlet for thought leadership and also a arena for conversation with customers and businesses seeking IT answers, Novacoast has engaged on Twitter to bring the IT community together in collaboration.

In addition to the growing conversation on Twitter, Novacoast established a Facebook page on which to not only post news and updates relating to Novacoast, but to share the latest developments in the rapidly and constantly changing world of IT. This outreach has proven effective in engaging with customers on an ongoing basis, and providing an easily explored archive of developments in the practices into which Novacoast is afforded a unique and expansive first look whenever a change occurs.

Novacoast also decided in 2010 to launch a blog on which to explain in detail all practices and solutions in which Novacoast is involved. This has proven to be extremely popular among Novacoast clients who face, as most businesses do, the ever-changing and often seeming hopelessly complicated world of IT services, solutions and products.

Novacoast has also expanded its social media outreach into Linkedin, to extend the conversation into the more professionally oriented social space.