Security Engineering

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Use Cases for Security Engineering

While managed security services provide wide-spectrum coverage for most cybersecurity disciplines, some scenarios or combination of products and tools require the assistance of a security engineering team.

Here are a few common use cases for specialty security engineering services:

1 Architecture and planning

Many changes in the interest of security are reactive – some external event has forced an organization to make a change in a short amount of time. This is common when there is a critical vulnerability announced, or a malicious attack compromises systems. Internal IT must react to maintain uptime or prevent further damage.

Our security and advisory services tap into decades of security expertise from our engineering team to help plan and create deliberate security posture to remain ahead of attacks.

2 Installation and configuration

As powerful as modern security products are, proper configuration can make or break their effectiveness. "Misconfiguration" is even considered a form of security vulnerability. Hiring a security engineer with specific experience in configuring a given technology or vendor product can save days, weeks, or months of vulnerable trial and error.

3 Complex integrations and customizations

Whether it's a script to synchronize data, a shim to make two wildly different APIs share data, or a plugin to extend the functionality of a "boxed" software, our engineers and developers can do it.