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Novacoast offers full spectrum IT engineering and software development services to provide necessary advisory, design, and implementation where challenging integration is necessary to improve maturity.

What We Do

Novacoast is uniquely positioned as a services organization to provide the full spectrum of cybersecurity engineering and development wherever the opportunity arises. Since 1996 we have specialized in helping organizations improve and harden their security postures. Novacoast can also provide emergency response to successful attacks and intrusions.

Our Managed Security Services provide wide-spectrum coverage for most cybersecurity disciplines. Oftentimes, a unique scenario or combination of products and tools require the assistance of our highly experienced team.

Examples of security engineering services

Below are just a few examples of how our IT engineering and software development services might apply to an enterprise security program. With decades of experience on engagements worldwide, our list of skills, technologies, and vendor experience is too long to list completely. If you have a particular requirement, send us a note to ask about it.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is the practice of identifying and remediating known bugs in software that pose a security threat. For organizations, it is a perpetual exercise in weighing the risks and rewards of patching or upgrading to stay ahead of vulnerabilities. This decision-making process can be complex, but an experienced security engineer can help both in planning and execution.


Security Information and Event Management systems record, catalog, analyze, and alert on what can be an overwhelming mass of data generated by system logs and endpoint security products. A SIEM tool can often be the only way to pick out a significant inbound threat from millions of requests or connections.

The Novacoast SOC is well versed in several popular SIEM platforms, but specific engineering tasks may be required to accomplish the widest coverage. Our engineers would perform tasks such as configuration of log pulling and forwarding from endpoints, log ingestion and parsing, creation/management of correlation rules, and orchestration of automated response (SOAR).


Our Managed DLP service can leverage expert security analysis of the SOC to provide configuration support in classifying data, defining egress points, developing policies, and tuning monitoring in an effort to prevent the misplacement of sensitive data. However, DLP is just one element needed in a more comprehensive data security strategy. Our data security engineers can help evaluate your organization for a custom-tailored solution.

Endpoint protection and EDR

Over our 24 years in IT security, we've seen the evolution of simple endpoint protection products (anti-virus and anti-malware) evolve into the much more intelligent and comprehensive modern incarnation known as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). ). Our team can resolve scenarios such as configuring traditional endpoint protection to its maximum potential or tuning the more effective (but complex) EDR to utilize multiple data sources or ship logs out for remote analysis.

Custom development, scripting, or API usage

Often referred to as our secret weapon, Novacoast has a specialized team of software developers who take the most complex tasks such as extending software, creating custom connectors or shims to allow disparate software to communicate, or providing forensic analysis of compiled code. Many boxed products feature APIs that can be leveraged for triggers in automation of response and require a little coding to use effectively.

We can also complement an existing development team to provide code auditing and guidance for secure coding practices.


Novacoast also has a stable of vendor-specific subject matter experts who work daily with certain products, allowing a much deeper level of detailed understanding. If your security program relies heavily on vendor software, it is likely that we have someone on staff with the specific experience needed.

How can I engage Novacoast for engineering services?

Novacoast has teams of resources available and ready to be deployed based on their specialty and the needs of the project. Please reach out to us to inquire about hiring one or more resources.

What is the length of an engineering engagement?

We offer both short-term and long-term engagements for a project of any size. Our Security Engineers are available for engagements as short as 1 week and as long as 6 months to 1 year.