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Novacoast Training Services

For 20 years, we’ve been delivering virtual & classroom courses that put expert security knowledge within reach.

We help organizations master solutions vital to their businesses, and we help software vendors empower their customers' mastery of IT security.

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We offer a full catalogue of courses taught by decorated, experienced and SUSE-certified teachers.

SUSE Course Catalog

SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics.

Microfocus Course Catalog

Help customers maximize existing software investments and embrace innovation in a world of hybrid IT.

LogRhythm Course Catalog

SUSE Classroom Training

We offer a full catalogue of courses taught by decorated, experienced and SUSE-certified teachers.

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Online Training

Beyond the classroom, we offer remote, interactive training courses bolstered with multi-media course materials.

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Private Training

We design custom courses around the technology and solutions vital to your business, tailoring our focus to your needs.

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Academy Training

Our unique on-demand curriculum delivery system combines video, interactive instruction and learning lab.

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Our Approach

From in-person to interactive online courses and academy training, learn how Novacoast provides training.

Academy Training

Learn how Novacoast provides designs and builds a custom library of on-demand training materials.


We keep an active schedule of topical classes individuals may easily browse, view and sign up to attend remotely or in person.

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We create customized, dedicated training courses to meet any need for large or small scale in-house training.

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Make your customers experts and help them get the best of your product with custom designed and delivered training programs.

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Academy Training

Beyond our hands-on courses, Novacoast’s Academy Training creates a catalogue of on-demand courses for your business.

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